19 Jun

According to Government Decree 291/2020 (17 June) on travel restrictions during the pandemic preparedness period introduced by Government Decree 283/2020 (17 June), the following persons are allowed to enter Hungary without restrictions:


  • Hungarian nationals,
  • EU nationals and nationals of EEA member states and Switzerland (excluding UK),
  • third country family members of the above mentioned persons,
  • furthermore, granted through reciprocity, nationals of Serbia – based on the Decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade 9/2020 (17 June),
  • nationals of Ukraine for a maximum period of 24 hours and within 30 km of the border area – based on the Decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade 9/2020 (17 June),
  • exclusively from South Korea and Japan: any foreign national traveling for business purposes and being a senior member of or employed by a company registered in one of the above mentioned countries and operating as a related undertaking with a company registered in the above mentioned countries. Related undertakings are defined in Act LXXXI of 1996 on Corporate Tax and Dividend Tax Art 4 (23). The business nature of the visit is to be presumed upon entry. For more detailed information, please visit the following website: https://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/tajekoztato-a-covid-19-jarvany-miatti-magyarorszagra-torteno-belepesi-korlatozasokrol.

Those third country citizens who do not fall under the above categories may not enter the territory of Hungary, unless the local police authority grants an exemption. In case of crossing the border at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, the competent authority is XVIII. District Police Headquarter.




Reasonable exceptions:


a) participation in a court trial or official proceedings in Hungary (the participation must be certified by an official document issued by a Hungarian court or authority),


(b) business purpose  (must be certified by an invitation letter from a central government, an independent regulatory body or an autonomous public administration,


c) medical treatment (must be certified by the hospital/health care institution),


d) study (must be certified by the educational institution, that the traveller must fulfil an obligation to study or to take an exam)


e) in order to arrive to the place of departure of the transport (place of commencement of work) or return to home in passenger traffic (after completion of such work), if this is certified the employer,


f) participation in family events (marriage, baptism, funeral),


g) caring for a relative,


(h) participation in a sport event, cultural or church event of major importance; or


(i) a justifiable reason other than points (a) to (h).


In order to receive an exemption from the Police, an application must be submitted via the official website of the Police, in Hungarian language:


http://www.police.hu/hu/ugyintezes/elektronikus-ugyintezes/meltanyossagi-kerelem magyarorszagra-torteno-beutazashoz


The application may be submitted by an authorized person as well.


Upon entering the territory of Hungary, the traveller – who is granted with an exemption - must undergo a medical examination:


a) in case there is a suspicion of COVID-19 disease during the health inspection, the traveller may not enter the territory of Hungary,


(b) those who are not suspected of having COVID-19 during the health inspection, are placed in quarantine or official home quarantine designated by the epidemiological authority for 14 days.


In connection with the interpretation and application of the above rules, please contact the National Chief of Police, taking into account that the border control department of the National Police Headquarters is competent of the implementation. The Consular Service provides only general information.


Contact details of National Police Headquarter:




If you need more information about crossing the border, please contact the Hungarian Border Police: www.police.hu/hu/hirek-es-informaciok/hatarinfo