Dear Clients!

The Consular Section of our Consulate General receives its clients as the following.

Monday - Thursday 9AM – 12PM,  2PM – 4PM;

All administration at our Consulate General requires an appointment in advance.

The appointment is booked directly on:

Those applicants who have obtained the Hungarian permanent residency through the LMÁK program, for the extension of the permanent residency please use the e-mail address for appointment. The above mentioned type of case is still not available in the online appointment booking system.


Please always bring the the confirmation of the appointment with you to the administration!

The appointment must always be booked under the name of the client. Each client can book only one appointment for a specific case. If someone books more than one appointment, some of the appointments will be canceled without warning. If someone does not show up at the scheduled time and does not inform our Consular Department of their absence in advance, their further bookings will be rescheduled without warning.


Upadeted: 25 August, 2022