Information for preferred employers


Preferred employer:

  • an employer having signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Government;
  • any employer that plans to employ in Hungary a third-country national from a country neighbouring Hungary in any of the professions provided for in a communication by the Ministry of National Economy;
  • any employer who implements an investment project of preferential status for national economy considerations.
  • any host entity that plans to provide employment to an intra-corporate transferee in Hungary.


In the case of preferred employers, an application for

  1. ) residence permit for the purpose of employment,
  2. ) EU Blue Card
  3. ) the issue or extension of a residence permit for the purpose of intra-corporate transfer, and
  4. ) residence permit for the family members of 2.) and 3.) foreign nationals

may be submitted by the employer or the host entity, subject to the client’s written consent.


For the purpose of compliance with requirements set out by law, the client shall appear in person before the competent immigration authority, when so requested by the authority.

As of 1 January 2019, applications for a residence permit for the purpose of employment, intra-corporate transfer, EU Blue Card or family reunification (issue or extension) can only be submitted electronically – with the employee’s and family member's prior written consent – via Enter Hungary by those employers and host organisations specified in Act II of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals Paragraph (4) of Article 86/J.


For the detailed information about the electronic administration, please visit the following website:


The Enter Hungary system is available on the following website:



Updated: 11th March 2024.