The Angelica Girls’ Choir gave a successful and full-house concert on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day at the László Hudec designed Moore Memorial Church.
Zsuzsanna Gráf, Liszt- and Bartók-Pásztory Prize winner conductor said after the concert to MTI: the acoustic, the spirit, and the atmosphere of the place was excellent, the audience was really open-minded and reacted exceptionally sensitively, „almost whiffled together with us”. Besides the works of Liszt, Bartók and Kodály, they also presented the works of contemporary Hungarian composers such as Miklós Kocsár, Levente Gyöngyösi and Péter Tóth. In addition, as a closure of the concert, the audience could enjoy the well-known Chinese song entitled Rose, Rose, I Love You.

Originally the choir consists of 58 choirs, but for this event only twelve singers could travel to Shanghai: “the elderly”, or in other words university students and music academics represented the Choir.  This was their very first time to perform in China. Over 800 people gathered together in the Methodist church to visit and listen to the 27 music masterpieces especially selected for this occasion. “Within two days, all tickets were sold out. There were some who were standing, and unfortunately there were more of those, who arrived without a ticket and could not enter to the church”- said the organizer Mrs Lívia Szentmártoni, Consul for Culture and Education.

She also said that the venue itself was also chosen on purpose as László Hudec, Hungarian architect, living at the turn of the century, designed over a hundred buildings out of which 60 buildings still exist in Shanghai.  Two of his iconic buildings are the Park Hotel and the Moore Memorial Church located in the city center, just next to People’s Square. The importance of holding this concert in a Hudec-building on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day was also of great importance for the audience – said Mrs Lívia Szentmártoni.

(MTI/Péter Trebitsch, Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai)