On 8th September, the „Hungarian Film Day” was officially opened with well-known Hungarian cartoons in Shanghai. The event was organized by the General Consulate with the request and support of the National Media and Info communications Authority (NMHH) and to the Hungarian Art Academy (MMA), and also, along with the co-operation of Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, Xuhui District and the Long Museum.

Dr. Kollarik Tamás, member of the Media Authority, representing both the National Media and Info-communications Authority and the Hungarian Art Academy provided an opening speech at the event.

Within the confines of the Film Day, Hungarian cartoons were screened in the morning: among several cartoons the so-called “Bogyó and Babóca”, being one of the most popular cartoons among Hungarian kids, was screened, and some of the episodes of the well-know “Hungarian Folk Tales” were introduced as well. Both kindergarten kids and the students of Xuhui District took part in the event. During the afternoon, documentary-, art-, and animation movies were screened for the students of Jiaotong University and the University of Dramatic Art.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Hungarian film entitled “Lisa, the Fairy Fox.” The screening was preceded by a private reception where the noble representatives of Shanghai film industry participated.