On behalf of the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunications Ahority and Long Museum, with the great support of Xuhui District, Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai cordially invites You to attend The HUNGARIAN FILM DAY held in Long Museum on 8th September.

Children’s annimation:

1) The Hoppies (7 min)
„The series is about the adventures of the Hoppies. They make presents and fulfill wishes. Hoppitown is very busy all year round. In each of the first 3 episodes, we present one holiday. The first one presents the Hoppies, the second is about the train of wishes, the third one is about a mysterious letter...”

2) Boxi (3 min 30 sec)
„The strange stories of Cartommy, the mischievous cardboard boy, and Boxi, the cardboard dog, come to life in the imaginary world of a child, built from household waste. All of the characters in the series can actually be cut and folded from paper. The series is recommended from age 4, but it will not disappoint adults, either.”

3) Berry and Dolly (4 times x 5 min)
„This series aimed at toddlers, based on the popular books by Erika Bartos, follows in the footsteps of the previous season. The main characters, Berry the snail boy and Dolly the ladybird girl, are inseparable friends. They discover events and objects in the world around them through a series of pleasant adventures.”

4) A Bad Boy’s Diary (7 min)
„Eight-year-old Georgi gets a diary for his birthday. He records the exciting life of his family in it. Those around him, however, come to dread his exploits...”

5) The Adventures of Berci Bean (9 min 25 sec)
„Berci Bean is already a favorite of Hungarian children from Ervin Lázár’s children’s novel. Berci meets a stone. At first, he is frightened of it, but then they become friends. In the second episode, Berci’s adventures continue when he meets a strange creature.”

6) The Gipsy Woman and the Devil (7 min 30 sec)
„Once upon a time, when only Gypsies could cry, there lived a beautiful woman, Vunida, in great poverty with her 13 children. The film tells her story: her encounter with the devil, her escape, and the curse that turned her into a tree. Her children, nurtured by the fruit of the tree, set off to find their mother.”

7) Coyote and the Rock (9 min 10 sec)
„This is a story about generosity. The adventures of Coyote the Wolfman, Iktome the Spiderman, and Iya the Rock take us to the spectacular and magical world of Native American folklore.”

8) I Had Three Grandmothers (16 min)
„The protagonist is lucky enough to have had three grandmothers. All three of them were different in appearance and nature, but they were kind old women who took care of their grandson – and their grandson connected their lives.”

9) 4 Episodes of Hungarian folktales
„Hungarian Folktales (Hungarian: Magyar népmesék) is a Hungarian animated series. Each episode is based on a Hungarian folk tale. The creators (including Marcell Jankovics) paid special attention to using Hungarian folk motives in the episodes.”
- Pussycat (7 min 5 sec)
- The Beanstalk Reaching to the Sky (6 min 27 sec)
- The Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl (9 min 56 sec)
- The Fox Asking for Shelter (7 min 3 sec)

Mixed animations (17 min):

1) Sisyphus (2 min)
„The film is an artistically spare depiction of the Greek myth of Sisyphus, sentenced to eternally roll a stone up a mountain. The story is presented in a single, unbroken shot, consisting of a dynamic line drawing of Sisyphus, the stone, and the mountainside.”

2) The Fly (3 min)
„A fine day in the life of a fly presented completely from the fly's point of view. A fine day until something dreary happens, that is.”

3) Mind the Steps! (6 min)
„A typical apartment building in Budapest and their residents from the aspect of a young boy playing football sometime in the end of the 1980s at the time of the change of regime in Eastern Europe. Is there a way out from here? A geometrical paradox and a political parable at the same time.”

4) The small town of mine (6 min)

Documetaries (192 min 16 sec):

1) The Inland Delta of the River Danube (52 min)
„Western Hungary is dominated by industrial landscapes: motorways, industrial parks, power stations. But there is something hidden among them. A huge alluvial cone with villages on islands, forests, meadows, reed beds, surrounded by watercourses. How long will that diversity survive?”

2) Barca's Untold Legends (85 min)
„Few people know that the “Messi” of the ’50s was called Laszlo Kubala. He was the reason Europe’s largest stadium, the Camp Nou, was built. After the 1956 Revolution, two of the prodigies of the Golden Team, Kocsis and Czibor, joined him at Barca. The three Hungarians found their way into the hearts of the Spanish and Catalan people. Unforgettable games, unique goals, beautiful feints. Three moving human stories.”

3) The Unbeatables (55 min 16 sec)
„A group of young people go rafting. The two young guides Győző and Tomi, started their company with a loan and they take all jobs, guiding several tours a week. They set off with seasoned rafters, two boys and two girls. One of the girls has an accident, but that’s only the start of their troubles. The pleasant weekend rafting tour slowly turns into a struggle for life…”

Feature film (98 min):
Liza the Fox Fairy (98 min)

„Liza's a nurse, seeking love. Her only company is a long-dead Japanese pop star, who turns her into a fox-fairy out of jealousy. Now, every man who desires Liza shall die horribly. Can she overcome the curse?”